Tire Compound

Every time a tire is retreaded there is a considerable saving of raw material,MAde in USA including synthetic and natural rubber, sulfur and sulfur compounds, silica, carbon black, steel wire, zinc oxide, and a number of other materials and ingredients.

  • Since a retreadable tire has a sound casing* when the tire is retreaded only a relatively small amount of new rubber is added to allow the tire to be placed back into service for another full life – and sometimes more than once. A retreaded tire has one of the highest post-consumer contents of any recycled product!
  • Once a casing is deemed to be retreadable the old tread is removed by buffing it off and the buffings are then sold to recyclers who find a multitude of uses for them. Since there is a definite value in the buffings they are never discarded or wasted. In fact, most readers of this news release have come into contact with materials made from these buffings, either on playgrounds, athletic fields, floor pads and a multitude of other products.
  • Every tire that is retreaded is one less tire that needs to go to a landfill. Although all tires eventually come to the end of their useful lives, including retreads, as long as another tire takes the place of the tire whose life has ended, there will always be one less tire for the landfill. Think of a juggler: There is always one ball up in the air.
  • In summary, retreading is recognized as the HIGHEST AND BEST USE for a worn tire, and for good reason. As we stated above, all tires do eventually come to the end of their useful life, but as long as they can enjoy one or more useful lives before their demise, we all benefit.


You be the judge.  If you have children who ride school buses they are riding on retreads. If you fly, you are flying on retreads (both commercial and military airlines routinely use retreads). It is very likely that the fire engines and emergency vehicles in your city are riding on retreads, as are the trucks that deliver your mail and packages (FED EX, UPS and postal services in many parts of the world routinely use retreads). Taxis, racecars, the trucks that deliver all the products to your supermarkets and department stores all routinely use retreads. None of these mentioned above would even think of using retreads if they were not safe and reliable.

The U.S. government actively supports retreading, which is why there is even a Federal Executive order (13149) MANDATING the use of retreads on certain federal fleet vehicles.


Let us arrange for you to visit a retread factory in your area. We know that you will come away with a new appreciation for the care that goes into today’s modern retreads, and you will probably want to make your next set of tires retreads.

Retreaded tires allow you to do well and good at the same time. Well, because you will keep more money in your pocket the next time you buy tires. Good, because you will be helping the environment without sacrificing safety, performance or handling.

This is called a win-win.    

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