Fluoroelastomer - FKM

Fluoroelastomers are useful when high heat resistance is required (up to 232°C/450°F) and/or will be exposed to a number of aggressive fuels and chemicals. At Kirkhill we can compound to broad range of industry standard specifications (ASTM, Mil, and AMS) along with customer specific specifications for use in applications that include Automotive, Aerospace, oil patch and semiconductor.

  • Resistant to wide range of hydrocarbon fluids and most mineral acids
  • Excellent compression set resistance at elevated temperatures.
  • High heat resistance for extremely long periods of time at temperatures up to 200°C/392°F and over 1000’s of hours of useful service at temperatures of 232°C/450°F
  • Outstanding weatherability including fungus and mold.

  • ASTM D2000 “HK” type
  • Mil-R-83248
  • Mil-R-83485
  • AMS 7276
  • AMS 7278