Butyl Rubber – IIR

This rubber is either found as “straight butyl” or due to its incompatibility with other polymers as “Halobutyl” (Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl). It has the lowest gas permeability rate of all the elastomers, because of this it is most commonly found as inner tubes or inner liners in tires. Do to it's high cleanliness and chemically/biologically inertness, it is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Excellent impermeability to gases and moisture.
  • Excellent vibration dampening properties.
  • Good heat, ozone and U/V resistance.
  • Chemically and biologically inert.

  • ASTM D2000 “AA/BA” type
  • Mil-G-1149 Class 3
  • AMS 3237
  • AMS 3238
  • AMS 3239
  • AMS 7277